A Procedural Planet Generator

Progeny was the capstone project of my engineering degree at Memorial University. It was a group project where I worked with Chad Levesque, Shawn Josey, and Andrew Carter. Each group worked with a project advisor from a relevant industry. Source Studio proposed the concept for our project as “a library for procedural generation of 3D art assets for games”. We focused on creating large-scale planetary bodies; we felt it would offer a great demonstration of the strengths of procedural techniques. A big thanks to Source Studio for use of their game engine, as well as the expert advise of Alex Brown. Above is a video demonstrating the project in action.

We also did presentations. Our team came second in that competition, loosing out to what was admittedly a pretty sweet robotics project.

Cataclysmic Cosmos

Orbital Tower Defence Game

This is a computer game Andrew Carter and I developed for our software design course at Memorial University. We developed the game in Java, so it should run on most machines; though we tested it primarily in windows. I’ve included the game, and some of the documentation we produced so you can get an idea for how we developed it.